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Get Rewarded
Customer Loyalty Program

Try our REWARD PROGRAM and earn for future orders.

Get Rewarded

How to earn: 1 point = 1 dollar

  • Must be registered customer in order to earn rewards
  • Retail customers - Every $40 spent, earns 1 point *
  • Printer discount customers - Every $60 spent, earns 1 point *
  • Wholesale customer - no earnings available
  • Spend (previously earned) points at checkout, simply apply your earned points to reduce your final total.
  • At checkout, points are applied to subtotal before shipping and tax [if using Amazon Pay, be sure points are applied before hitting Amazon Pay]
  • Earned points are valid for 90 days (Expiration is on a system schedule*)


Register for the first time and earn 1 point.

Earning is easy

Track reward points and expiration by logging into your Customer admin

Review Product

Review products you have purchased, earn 1 point per review (excludes clearance) **

* Additional explanation for earning/spending reward points:

  • Earnings associated to active order will be earned once order ships and payment collected, therefore earned points can be spent on future orders. 
  • No earnings on shipping fees and the earning are calculated after all discounts are subtracted, such as coupons or spending reward points, etc. [Additionally, this will apply for orders over $100 that get a shipping discount. The shipping discount will be discounted from the product total, then the rewards will tally] 
  • Earning/Expiration note: Earnings happen various times of the day, based on your transactions and earning times. Points will expire at the "time of day" that they are earned 90 days later). 
  • It is the customer's responsibility to keep track and spend reward points before they expire.  Simply log in to your customer account to stay current and know your balance and expiration dates.
  • Currently... Email alerts for REWARD POINTS have been disabled
  • Please track reward totals and expiration by logging in to your customer console.

Our Reward program is in beta mode - we value your feedback.

**review product limitations...

Product review points awarded to product owners only
Product review daily limit = 2
Earnings from reviews will show after administrator has approved the review
Reviewing clearance items do not qualify for reward earnings.

PaperPapers Reward Program
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